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CCH AnswerConnect

**CCH AnswerConnect database covers federal, state, and international tax law, financial and estate trusts and other topical areas.

CCH has guides on their website. Once logged into CCH, click on the Help button to access the guides. 

CCH AnswerConnect Quick Start Guide

To get started with some of the best features on CCH AnswerConnect, you can view short walk-throughs:

CCH AnswerConnect - Searching

Three primary ways to search in AnswerConnect

  • Keyword search: similar to using a search engine on the Internet, such as Bing or Google. Simply enter the keywords and search the entire library of tax law.

  • Topical search: allows the researcher to browse or search the existing list of topics to identify the area of relevance.

  • Annotated search: starts with identification of the relevant code section and then uses the relevant information links to explanations and annotations to derive support for research conclusions.

Quick steps for searching

  • Perform a search and then filter the results to suit your needs.
  • Use the Browse menu to drill down to your specific needs.
  • Complete a citation search

         -- Revenue Ruling   (Rev Rul 67-99)
         -- Revenue Proceeding   (Rev Proc 86-48)
         -- Tax Court Memorandum   (78 TCM 114)

CCH AnswerConnect Video Tutorials Page

Short videos providing answers to the most common questions about CCH AnswerConnect functionality and key features.

CCH AnswerConnect New Features
CCH AnswerConnet Product Support

How do I use the Citator tool in AnswerConnect?


  1. Search the case in AnswerConnect and open the document.
  2. On the right-side of the screen, locate the five gray function buttons:

  • These functions from left to right are: Favorite, Print, Download, Email, and Citator tool. ​​
  • NOTE: the Citator tool is only available in Case documents. 
  1. Click the Citator tool button
  2. A modal window will open and display links to other documents this case is cited in. 

Using citation templates for your searches