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Art Research

Reference Works

Reference Works are an ideal place for researchers at all levels to begin their work. Reference works offer the following types of information including: 

  • Provide introductory information
  • Explain background of topic
  • Highlight key terms
  • May assist with formulating a topic
  • Often provide bibliographies on their subjects for further research

Below, is a list of a few key Reference Works available at Queens College Libraries.



OneSearch is the online catalog for Queens College Libraries. Search the catalog for print and electronic books available at Queens College and other CUNY Libraries. 


WorldCat (World Catalog) is a comprehensive online catalog that includes collection holdings of information for libraries across the United States and Canada, including much of Europe and selected libraries from other parts of the world. WorldCat allows users to discover which library may own particular books outside Queens College Libraries and other CUNY libraries.

Art Discovery Group Catalogue

The Art Discovery Group Catalogue is an online catalog and search discovery tool for finding art publications and holdings from leading art institutions.


Similarly to finding books, you can search OneSearch to discover articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers available through Queens College Libraries.

OneSearch also provides the ability to search for specific journals, magazines, and newspapers. Searching using this feature will provide results for specific titles and if it is available through the library online or print.

Below, are a few Art specific databases available from Queens College Libraries that provide access full-text, abstracts, and indexing for journal articles.