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Access QC Libraries' business research resources.

Trade Association

Find a Trade Association using library databases:

Search for associations on Google or the Internet.

The databases has access to the associations related to business that are found in the Encyclopedia of Associations. To find associations ONLY, follow the steps below:

1. Start with "Advanced Search"

2. In the Search box, type any descriptive word for the trade association you are searching

(Use "AND" to combine the second search term if needed. For example, type in "New York" in the second Search box to find an association in New York State.)

3. Use the drop down arrow to find "Associations", under which highlight options depending the term you type in the search box. For example:

  • highlight Description if only a descriptive word in the Search box
  • highlight State if you search for an association in a specific State
  • highlight NAICS if you have the industry NAICS code

4. Click on "Search."

5. Once the results page appears, select the View All link to see the entire list.

Within this database, you'll find First Research.

Follow these steps to access:

1. From the Advanced Search screen, slide to the top left and select the 3-bar menu.

2. Select: Browse


3. Under Industry and Market Research, select: First Research

4.Scroll down to find your industry; Select: View Documents

5. Select a .PDF document that looks interesting. Scroll to the end and find a segment titled: Industry Websites. You'll find a list of associations that monitor your industry.

Follow the steps below:

1. Type the name of the industry and Search

2. Select: Industry Profile; Limit: Publication Year

3. Select MarketLine Industry Profile: Airlines in United States; Select: PDF Full Text

4. In the Table of Contents, find "Industry association"

A Search Example: "Where do I find a directory of trade associates in New York State or the US?"

  • Combine the name of an industry with 'New York' or "New York State.' For instance, 'restaurant trade association' AND 'New York,' you can find the New York State Restaurant Association as one of the top results:
  • Websites that appear to be directories of associations that one can search by state.

            -- CauseIQ - New York business and industry associations

            -- Directory of Associations

           -- State and National Associations (NYS Office of the Professions)

           -- New York Council of Nonprofits - Member Directory

           -- Nonprofit New York - Directory

  • Consult the chambers of commerce in New York State for lists of their member businesses. For instance,

          -- Greater New York Chamber of Commerce
          -- Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
            E.g., a list of chambers of commerce in NYS.

Market Research and Analyst Reports

Stock Market

Useful Websites - Companies traded as American Depository Receipts. Created by JPMorgan

Daily Stocks - links to company information - a variety of daily and weekly charts for periods ranging from just past few minutes to several years in numerous styles and colors.