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Access QC Libraries' business research resources.

Research Process

Finding articles

Finding facts and data

Identifying & evaluating sources

Citing references  

    Citation Style Manual Guide

Market Share and Rankings - Databases

Find Articles:

Find Statistics:

1. Type a company name (e.g., Sprint) in the main search box.

2. On the results page, click Market Share Reports link or the Rankings link.

Find rankings of companies: 

1. Select Companies > select Company Finder.
2. Select NAICS on the left navigation column > type in NAICS industry code in the search box or highlight the industry from the available listings.
3.  The companies are ranked by revenue.


Brands & Products - Databases, Websites & Books


Type a company name (e.g., Nike) in the main search box > On the results page, click Brands link.

Nexis/Uni home page > Select Company Dossier on menu > select an interesting parent company > select Brands from the left menu


Brand Index 
Current Industrial Reports 
WIPO global brands database 


Consumer Demographics & Behavior


American Community Survey (ACS) 
United States Census Data
Census 2010 
People and Households 
State and County QuickFacts 
U.S. Census: How to get the most out of 


Consumer Expenditure Survey 
Federal Reserve System 
Survey of Consumer Finance 
Nexis Uni 

Home page > select All Sources from Menu > select Nexis Uni All Sources > type New Strategist (a publisher) in the Search Within Sources box, then Search > find an interesting title > click down arrow button > click Get Documents

Life Styles, Attitudes & Trends

American Customer Satisfaction Index 
American Time Use Survey 
Current Population Survey 
Marketing Charts 
Pew Global Attitudes Project 
Radio Advertising Bureau 
YouGov Profiles 

Databases - Industry Association | Market Share Report | More

1. Select Advanced Search

2. Type a keyword about a trade association in a search box > click drop down arrow on the right of Keyword field behind the search box > click Search button

3. On the results page, click View All link to see the list of associations or select any filters on the left menu per your interests.

1). Click Browse on the top of the interface.

2). Click First Research under Industry and  Market Research

3). Find your industry from A-Z list > scroll down to browse > click View Documents


Search Tips:

1). Type a keyword (e.g., airlines) in a search box > click Search

2). On the results page, Filter Source Types (e.g., Industry Profiles), Geography (United States), etc.

3). Click an interesting title (e.g., "Airlines Industry Profile: the United States") > click PDF

4). Apply more filters per your interests

Company Profiles

Value Line 

Smart research. Smarter investing. 

Other Marketing Databases

Facts and News

globalEDGE by Country

Find statistical data; historical, economic, and political information. A source for global business knowledge at Michigan State University.

The World Factbook

Find information on the history, people and society, government, economy, energy, geography, and more for 267 world entities. The information are collected by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Supermarket Facts
Find the facts and supermarket operations and consumer data from the Food Marketing Institute.


References and Sources

Portions of this page were adapted from Baker University's LibGuide ( and Baruch College's LibGuide (