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Risk Management

A guide for Risk Management


M.S. in Risk Management

"Risk management isn’t just about insurance and derivatives—it’s a field that is increasingly vital for any business that hopes to control exposure and make strategic decisions about what risks to assume."

Library Resources and Search Tools

To gather relevant literature for your research, it's effective and efficient to search for more published scholarship, such as books in the CUNY Catalog or other catalogs, scholarly articles in library databases or E-journals. This is an indispensable step for a research as you need to review published literature to present your own research questions and/or research hypotheses.

In addition, you may also need to find some data sources to examine your research questions and/or hypotheses if you are conducting an empirical research.

The library search tools (i.e., OneSearchDatabasesE-Journals, etc.) listed on this guide will help you find needed resources (i.e. books, articles, data sources, etc.).