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Irish Studies

Irish Language

These are some useful resources for practicing and learning the Irish language.

Searching for Books


When you are searching for books, you will usually use one of two options:

Subject Headings

The main heading of interest is:

  • Irish language

There are several related subheadings you may find interesting, including:

  • Irish language -- Dictionaries -- English
  • Irish language -- Etymology
  • Irish language -- Grammar
  • Irish language -- Syntax

You can use these headings to find books useful for supplementing your textbooks or studying on your own.


Books on the Irish language can all be found together, at this call number:

  • PB 1214-1298

Check Level 3 for dictionaries and similar works, and Level 5 for books you can check out.

Web Resources


These databases will not help you to learn Irish, but they may help you to learn more about Irish.