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Big Ideas at Queens College

Queens College ran a a series of videos in 2021 to promote the varied and fascinating research of QC faculty. In a spirit of cooperative enthusiasm, the library created a set of guides to further promote and provide context for these videos.

The Big Idea: Mother Load: Pre- and Post-natal Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Professor Yoko Nomura has found that mothers and expectant mothers are experiencing a host of challenges as they navigate the pandemic. Socioeconomic status plays a key role. 

Introduction to Professor Nomura and her research.

Professor Nomura's scholarship (in CUNY Academic Works).

The Stress In Pregnancy Study

Dr. Yomura is Principal Investigator of the Stress In Pregnancy Study (SIP), which seeks to learn about the challenges expectant mothers face, and how they contribute to their child's growth. This project has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and is wide-ranging. Over more than 10 years, SIP has investigated environmental stress, maternal depression, and the effects of Superstorm Sandy on local families. As her Big Ideas video explains, SIP is currently examining COVID-19-related issues. 

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This guide was originally created by Jeremy Czerw in 2020.