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Civil Rights: The Queens College Student Help Project

To contribute your own experiences to the QC Special Collections and Archives related to the Student Help Project in the form of an interview, written response, or a donation of personal materials, contact us at to learn more and schedule an appointment with an archivist.

Queens College Special Collections and Archives (SCA) is the repository for over 5,000 linear feet of college records, special collections, and rare books. We preserve the institutional history of the college, as well as the social and cultural contributions of its faculty and students. Building on the historical strengths of the college, out collection areas include civil rights and social justice, politics and civic engagement, music and the arts, and print history.


The Student Help: Lived Experience Project recorded the insights and lessons learned by the volunteers of the Student Help Project. Documentation primarily in the form of oral history interviews were gathered from Student Help Project volunteers, supporters, and faculty advisors to supplement the Queens College Library’s existing Civil Rights and Social Justice Collections. Oral history interviews about the Student Help Project have been made available to researchers through the Queens Memory Project, an ongoing community archiving project supported by the Queens College Library and Queens Public Library.