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Supporting Business teaching at Queens College

1.  “Queens College Library Business Resources – Introduction,” Presentation at QC Tech Incubator, Spring 2021 by James Tasato Mellone, Historical Cultural and Social Sciences Librarian.

2. The research project "Supporting Business Teaching at Queens College" starts with a deep understanding of faculty's needs through a substantial research investigation.

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3. "A Summary on Supporting the Changing Practices of Teaching in Business at Queens College," Presentation at QC Library, Fall 2019 by James Tasato Mellone, Historical Cultural and Social Sciences Librarian.

Business Programs and Department at Queens College

Department of Economics 
"The Economics Department offers majors in economics that lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as majors in finance, international business, and actuarial studies for business that lead to a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. Students may also earn a minor in economics."

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 
"The Queens College program in business administration, housed in the economics department, offers three majors leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)."

Business and Liberal Arts (BALA) 
"Designed with the input of top professionals with an eye toward preparing students for career success, BALA teaches students not only business terms and concepts, but also the diverse skills necessary to excel in today’s competitive environments, whatever their chosen field. Oral and written communication skills are emphasized throughout the program as well as analytical decision-making and problem-solving."

Department of Accounting and Information Systems 
"In an economy driven by the rapid emergence of new technologies, new business models, and business globalization, transacting in capital markets becomes increasingly complex, and the role of accounting increasingly vital. The entity’s management must ensure that its internal structures and controls allow it to deliver timely and accurate information to regulators, its board of directors, and investors about its financial performance."

M.S. in Risk Management

"Leverage your interest in finance with a Master’s degree or a 12-credit Advanced Certificate in Risk Management, a field with rapidly growing career possibilities on Wall Street and across every sector."