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The main goal of this guide is to provide collective expertise for seamless access to all materials in various formats to support the learning process and cultivate interest among students, researches and faculty.

Government Resources

You might consider searching the Internet/World Wide Web to locate valuable information in your field of study published by the federal government or government agencies, professional societies, academic institutions or research centers. Always evaluate the quality of information you identify and retrieve.

Government Resources

Associations, Societies & Organizations

Universities & Colleges

According to U.S. News & World Report there are over 600 universities all over the world which offer graduate programs in Physics & allied subjects.The top 10 are listed here based on the subject score.

#1   Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 United States Cambridge, MA


#2  University of California--Berkeley

 United States Berkeley, CA


#3  Harvard University

 United States Cambridge, MA


Stanford University

 United States Stanford, CA


California Institute of Technology

 United States Pasadena, CA



#6  University of Chicago

 United States Chicago, IL


# 7 University of Oxford

 United Kingdom Oxford


#8  University of Tokyo

 Japan Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


#9  University of Cambridge

 United Kingdom Cambridge


#10  Princeton University

 United States Princeton, NJ