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Classics Guide

Classical Languages: Latin and Greek


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James Mellone
Prof. James Tasato Mellone
History & Classics Librarian
Rosenthal 325


Second, once you know the basics on your topic, search for more published scholarship.  Monographic materials (Books, DVDs, etc.) can have more in-depth knowledge on any given subject.

Our collections contain both Latin Texts and Ancient Greek texts in translations.

Call number ranges for classical literatures are as follows:

Classical Literature: PA3001 - PA3045, PA3301 - PA3671
Latin Literature: PA6001 - PA6139
Greek Literature: PA3051 - PA4505


Using the CUNY Catalog you can begin your research in Arabic. A good way to start your search for books is with a keyword in subject or Subject begins with search. Some examples of subjects are (you can use either Latin or Greek in exchange for Classical to search for the specific language):


Sample Titles