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SEEK History Project

Oral Histories: Background

Over twenty interviews were conducted for the SEEK History Project. The majority of the interviews were conducted by Obden Mondesir, who served as a Non-Teaching Adjunct in Special Collections and Archives from 2019-2021. The interviews were initially conducted in person with a hand-held audio recorder. After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, interviews were conducted remotely using Google Voice or Zoom. Digital files are preserved as part of Queens Memory, a local history initiative jointly sponsored by the Queens Public Library and Queens College. See below for the full list of interviews (in alpha order by first name) with links to media files and transcripts online. The interviews initially focused on significant figures in the early years of the SEEK program. Recently employed staff and faculty (circa 2020-2021) were also interviewed, especially in regard to their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

List of SEEK History Project Interviews

Alan Townsend, Counselor

Allyson RegisCounselor

Anisha Clarke, Faculty

Donelle BaileyCounselor

Frederick Lewis, Alumnus

Gary Aguayo, Academic Program Manager & Assistant Director

Jessica HarrisFaculty

Joan Nestle, Faculty

Keith Clark, Counselor

Khaleel Anderson, Alumnus

Mark Levy, Faculty

Samuel Anderson, Faculty

Steve KrugerFaculty

Tara Boodoo, Tutoring Services

Waldo JeffCounselor

William ModesteCounselor

William Sales, Director

Transcripts/Processing Pending

  • Carolyn Anderson Brown
  • Margarita Eguizabal
  • Mark Rosenblum 
  • Norka Blackman-Richards

Legacy Interviews (past interviews related to SEEK)

  • Joan Nestle: 2011 interview
  • June Bobb: Interview conducted for Professor Bette Weidman’s oral history course, circa 1990 (need to digitize from cassette and transcribe)

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