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Research Step 1: Plan (Topic Selection)

Choose a topic that interests you and is within the framework of your assignment

What is the Research Process?

The research process is about knowing where to search, understanding what you are looking for, and determining how you will use it once you find it.

Understanding your assignment, choosing a good topic, and deciding whether a source is worth your time are essential research skills. The Queens College has developed a 5 guide series that will provide tips to help get your started and develop your research skills and strategies. If you need further assistance, please consult with our Research Services office or Queens College Subject Specialist (Librarian expert) in your particular area of interest.

Visit the QC Writing Center to schedule an appointment with a writing consultant, to get help with different writing assignments, and to find resources and tutorials on the various stages of writing.

Overview of the Research Process

Outlined below are 5 steps to starting your research, with each step having its own designated guide. This guide is the "Plan" stage, where you begin to consider the areas of interest for your research. Research questions, topic statements, and keyword terms are part of this step, that will also develop as you follow the process.

When we begin conducting research, there are skills that are essential to its success. We may not be aware of the vast amount of information that is available to us, or the way to search with databases, or how to evaluate sources of information for accuracy before using them. Everyone has faced these challenges at some point. It is completely normal to experience some level of difficulty. By following the steps outlined above and using our research guides, you will begin to learn how each step will bring you closer to a successful outcome.