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CUNY Academic Works & Other Repositories

What is a Repository?

A repository is a collection of documents made available to the public.  It may include scholarly and creative work, institutional documents, or other materials.  Colleges, universities, and other educational institutions host institutional repositories collecting the work of those affiliated with them.

Like many other colleges and universities, CUNY has its own institutional repository, Academic Works!

See below for some basic information about CUNY Academic Works, or browse the tabs to the left of this page for advice about depositing your work in repositories.

Academic Works

CUNY Academic Works logoCUNY Academic Works is CUNY's institutional repository. 

If you are a CUNY author, it gives you a place to share your work publicly and to consolidate it in one place.

It also provides a way to browse CUNY scholarship and see the interesting work we do here!

What are the benefits of Academic Works?

  • Searchable via popular search engines (including Google Scholar) 
  • Indexed in OneSearch
  • Provides monthly download statistics
  • Hosted on a secure server for long-term access
  • Fulfills the requirement of some grants to make research publicly available
  • Freely accessible to the public, including those who may not otherwise have access 

What can I post in Academic Works?

All kinds of things!  Right now, we have:

  • Scholarly articles
  • College publications
  • Student newspapers
  • Presentations & symposia
  • Datasets
  • Theses and dissertations
  • ...and more! 

Please let me know if you are thinking about something but aren't sure it's appropriate for the repository or aren't sure how to upload it. I'll help.