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Library Assessment: Home

Record and explore our library assessment efforts.


Library assessment is the endeavor of determining and communicating how a library is performing, with the aim of driving improvement. 

                                                                                                                                                            --- Selena Killick & Frankie Wilson


Library Services Profile: A multiyear overview of Library Services provided at QC Libraries. Charts include:

  • Library Services Profile

  • Circulation (Trend over time)

  • Library Visits (Trend Over Time)

  • Instructional Sessions (Trend Over Time)

  • InterLibrary Loans (Trend Over Time)

  • Website Views (Trend Over Time)           

Library Visit Dashboards: Examines the number of visitors that came to the Library. Charts include.

  • QCL Visits Quick View (July- Dec 2021)

  • QCL Same-day Visits (July- Dec 2021)

  • QCL Weekly Visits (July- Dec 2021)

Library Usage Dashboards: Examines library usage through QCL Website, Inter-library Loan, E-Resources (in progress) usage and circulation/collection records (in progress). Dashboards include:

  • Library Website Page Views. Charts include:

             -- Monthly Library Website Overall vs. Homepage Views (July 2020- Feb 2021 vs. July 2021- Feb 2022)
             -- Top 10 QC Library Topic Page Views (July 2021- Feb 2022)

  • Library ILL Overview. Charts include:
    -- Total ILL Borrowing and Lending by Item Type (July 2020- Jan 2021 vs. July 2021- Jan 2022)
    -- Monthly ILL Article Borrowing & Lending Requests and Sent (July 2020- Feb 2021 vs. July 2021- Feb 2022) -- Monthly ILL Book Borrowing & Lending Requests and Sent (July 2020- Feb 2021 vs. July 2021- Feb 2022)

Library Engagement Dashboards: Examines librarian transactions with library patrons both in person and virtually. Dashboards include:

  • Monthly Library Instructions and LibGuides Overview (July 2020- Feb 2022)
  • LibAnswers: Information & Research Transactions. Charts include:
    -- LibAnswers Who Asked and Who Answered (July 2020- Feb 2021 vs. July 2021- Feb 2022)
    -- LibAnswers Question Type & Service Type -- Weekday Hourly LibAnswers Distribution (Feb 2022)

Data Services & Business Librarian


  • Killick, S., & Wilson, F. (2019). Putting library assessment data to work. Facet Publishing, UK.
  • The dashboards on this guide were inspired by the following sources:
  1. CUNY Library Assessment (2020). 
  2. QC Institutional Effectiveness (2020).
  3. UA Library Assessment (2020).
  4. UVA Library Assessment (2020).
  • Data Sources for dashboards: CUNY OLS, QC ITS, QC Benjamin Rosenthal Library and Music Library, and ACRL Annual Reports.