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Data Services

Data Services helps our campus community work with qualitative and quantitative data for teaching, learning and research.

Data Tools Available on Campus

CUNY-wide licensed software is available for campus community.

CUNY Virtual Desktop

CUNY Virtual Desktop - Remotely Access Software Anytime! Anywhere!

VMware Horizon Client

To remotely access software using CUNY Virtual Desktop (VMware Horizon Client):

You can reach QC ITS via:

  • Email:​
  • Live on-line support
  • Create your ticket - log into Self Service (use your QC Username if available; otherwise, login as a guest)
  • Phone: 718-997-4444
  • In person: Dining Hall, Room 151 (Currently No On Campus Support)NoOn Campus Suppor

To get more information, please visit QC ITS Service Desk.

Data Tools

Data Systems

  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Relational databases
  • SQL

Popular Data Analytics Tools

  • Excel 
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Stata
  • Tableau
  • ArcGIS
  • R
  • Python 
  • NVivo 

Book Shelf

Install R and RStudio

Which Data Tool to Use?

Comparison of data analysis packages.

Summary of Software Access
Software Windows/Mac Developer Open source Access


Windows Esri No CUNY-wide licensed
Excel Both Microsoft No CUNY-wide licensed
Minitab Windows Minitab Inc. No Free trial download
R Both R Foundation Yes Free download 
SAS Windows SAS Institute No CUNY-wide licensed
SPSS Both IBM No CUNY-wide licensed
Stata Both StataCorp LLC No Purchase
Tableau Both Tableau Software No

Free trial download

A free one-year license for students

A free one-year license for instructors


Why use R when you have Tableau? Tableau vs. R?

"Tableau is easier for me to explore data, but as I become more frustrated with exporting Tableau charts that can be inserted into Word and PowerPoint without graph degradation, I need to switch to R."

                                       ------ Brian Zive, Consultant, Analytical Solutions at Marts & Lundy, Inc.

"I like Tableau for putting something simple together quickly. It is super easy to just drag and drop a few things and the end result is a production quality visualization. However, for addressing any amount of nuance or just for trying to do something a little more complex, I prefer R. I find it easier to discover code samples to do what I want to do. Also, once I have the code then I can reuse it for future projects which is a nice advantage."

                                      -------- Michael Pawlus, Data Scientist at University of Southern California

Image and quotes credit: Why use R when you have Tableau? Tableau vs. R?

Book Shelf

Book Request

You can request the books recommended on this page from other CUNY campuses. Please see how to request.