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Data Services

Data Services helps our campus community work with qualitative and quantitative data for teaching, learning and research.

Need a Data Services Instruction/Consultation?

Please let Data Services Librarian know if you need to book a data services instruction/consultation.

Meet R

Book Shelf

You can request the books recommended on this page from other CUNY campuses. Please see how to request.

Data Scraping

1. Preparation 

   (1) Twitter account

   (2) Twitter API 

  • Consumer Key (API Key),
  • Consumer Secret (API Secret)
  • Access Token
  • Access Token Secret

   “Create New App” > "Create your Twitter application" > 

    “Keys and Access Tokens” > “Create My Access Token”

2. Download & install R & RStudio 

3. Script resources

     Watts, R. (2017, January 25). Script. Retrieved from!

4. Editing, running & debugging source script