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Data Services

Data Services helps our campus community work with qualitative and quantitative data for teaching, learning and research.

Research Data Management (RDM) & Data Management Plans (DMPs)

National Institute of Health Since (NIH) required data sharing plans in 2003. 

Since January 2011 when National Science Foundation (NSF) required data management plans (DMPs) as part of all research funding applications, more funder agencies and organizations have required data management plans.  

​The Library in conjunction with ORSP and ITS is making efforts to assist Queens College faculty, staff, and students in managing their research data to meet these requirements.

Data management service aims to facilitate research data preservation, reuse and sharing in Queens College. More resources will be available to fulfill this goal.  

Research Data Lifecycle

What is research data?

The definition of research data varies depending discipline and research funder.

Research data is " the recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings."
OMB Circular 110

Research data is "Recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to document and support research findings."
NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance

Examples of Research Data

Research data include, but are not limited to:

  • Laboratory notebooks, field notebooks, diaries
  • survey responses, transcripts, codebooks
  • software and code
  • Models, algorithms, scripts
  • measurements from laboratory or field equipment (such as IR spectra or hygrothermograph charts)
  • Images (photographs, films, scans, or autoradiograms)
  • audio/video recordings
  • Slides, artifacts, specimens, samples
  • Contents of an application (input, output, logfiles for analysis software, simulation software, schemas)

General Requirements of a DMP

  • Describe how research data will be shared
  • Describe how research data will be preserved
  • Describe How research data will be described

Data Repositories

Domain Repositories


Chemistry & Biochemistry​ 

Computer Science

Earth & environmental sciences

Social Sciences  

More domain data repositories

Institutional Repositories

  • QC Research Data Repository (planning)

Writing a Data Management Plan

Data Management Service

  • Identify RDM needs
  • Guide data management plan
  • Help with data preservation

DMPTool - Data Management Planning Tool

DMPTool can help researchers create data management plans.

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