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Italian American Studies guide

to offer good sources of material on the study of Italian Americans past and present


The purpose of this research guide is to introduce Queens College students to the variety of sources available as one begins research in Italian American studies at our library, and to point out some of the seminal books and media on this topic.  Italian American Studies is the examination of the history of Italians in the United States, in particular the mass migration period of 1880-1920.
Queens College's Distinguished Professor of Italian American Studies, Dr. Fred Gardaphe, has published an overview of Italian-American Literature appearing in Oxford Bibliographies Online.
To understand what books are available on your topic, you can search doing a keyword search  in our library’s OneSearch discovery tool, typing ‘Italian American’ and a key term (such as stereotypes, religion, culture, demographics, etc.), which should yield a number of books on the subject that the library owns.  Bibliographies on Italian American studies, are useful for advanced students and researchers, with the most important published ones by Giovanni Schiavo (1947), Olga Peragallo (1949), Francesco Cordasco (1974 and 1978), and Fred L. Gardaphe (1995 and 2000).

Recent Books