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Open Educational Resources and Zero Textbook Cost

How to find and use Open Educational Resources

Enhancing Pedagogy via Open Educational Practices

Recommended Repositories for Open Educational Resources

Teaching with OER

L4: Living Lab Learning Library
A resource exchange for innovative teaching practices from City Tech. Find activities that "worked for us" organized by discipline.

Open Pedagogy Notebook
Browse through the examples of open pedagogy, which include both classroom-tested practices and budding ideas, and to consider contributing examples of your own experiments with open pedagogy.

Teaching with OER
This site showcases OER teaching artifacts and OER materials created and used by college professors at the City University of New York.

Create OER

If you've checked the OER repositories but haven't found anything that meets your needs, you still have options!

  • Adapt an existing OER: The licenses used to designate open educational resources give you the right to take as much or as little as you need, to edit or adapt the materials, and to update them as they become out-of-date. For more information about these licenses, see the Copyright and Creative Commons guide.
  • Create an OER: Do you have lecture notes, videos, or other resources that you've used to supplement textbook materials in the past? These can often be expanded or paired with an existing OER to create materials that suit the particular needs of your classroom.
  • Develop an OER with your students: As students create valuable resources for others, they learn the material themselves and develop an understanding of how knowledge is produced and disseminated. For more specific ideas, see A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students.

Have you developed an open educational resource, whether a textbook, assignment, or syllabus? Be sure to submit it to CUNY Academic Works so your colleagues can benefit from your knowledge, and contact me so I can shower you with praise!

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