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What is a Book Review

A book review is a descriptive, evaluative analysis of a book that appears usually in a periodical a short period of time after it is published. Reviews are usually written by someone qualified to write them, with some expertise of the subject.

Book reviews can help you find out what's being published in your area of interest. They can help you decide whether or not to read a certain book. They allow you to compare your opinion of a book against others. Many book reviews mention other books by the same author, allowing you to see the range of their writings and to draw parallels.

Of the hundreds of thousands of books published every year, only a small percentage are ever reviewed. Book reviews can be found both in periodicals and online, in databases.

Book reviews can appear in journals, magazines and newspapers as part of their regular features. Those that appear in journals share the same subject as their publication. They sometimes use the special language of their field, and include interpretations and in depth analyses. Popular book reviews appear in magazines and newspapers. They are written for the general reader.

Book reviews can also appear in trade or industry publications that reflect the interest of that group.

Book reviews are useful because they can help you to find books that may not be held in our collection. They can also help you to evaluate whether a particular book is scholarly or not, since they often include not only an evaluation of the book's quality but also a statement about its intended audience.

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