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Children's and Young Adult Literature Research Guide

Database Searching

The databases are a good source both for literary criticism and reference materials. 

Not Finding Criticism?

Sometimes, criticism on children's literature is hard to find, because:

  • Some of the texts you may be working with are now quite obscure
  • Children's literature often doesn't get as much attention as literature for adults

Some strategies for dealing with this:

  • Use books and articles that deal generally with children's literature of that period, and see how your work of interest fits into that
    • The subject headings in the "Books" tab may be useful for this
  • Find some historical resources and write about it in context (for instance, the context of specific ideologies that were current at the time)
  • Look into criticism of other works by the same author
  • If you are working with two texts, one well-known and one less so, use the criticism relating to the better-known work and see what may apply to the one you're working with. 




Historical and Social Context