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Family, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences (FNES) Guide

This guide introduces students to Family, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences resources in order to help them complete their research projects.

Research Process

When it comes down to it, only three skills are involved in developing a research question:

Imagining narrower topics about a larger one
Thinking of questions that stem from a narrow topic
Focusing questions to eliminate their vagueness

Every time you use these skills, it’s important to evaluate what you have produced—that’s just part of the process of turning rough drafts into more finished products. Next, let’s look at how to turn your focused question into key terms, advancing the research process.

Adapted from Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research by Teaching & Learning, Ohio State University Libraries, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Some things to consider:
Ideological bias
Revising Your Search

When you search, take a look at your search results! You can pull words from your results to search again.

Evaluating Information Sources


Currency: Time

Relevancy - does it fit your needs?

Authority - Origin of info., author, publisher

Accuracy - Is evidence provided?

Purpose - Biases. Who benefits?