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British and Irish Music Resources

A resource guide for scholarly resources (primarily digital) dealing with classical music in the British Isles


This guide is no longer being updated. For the current guide, please go to:

Purpose of Site

  1. To point students and researchers to scholarly online resources on classical music in the British Isles. Significant subscription resources will be noted, but the emphasis of this guide is on open-access sources.

  2. Connect scholars to open-access Digital Projects

Please send suggestions, corrections, and comments to Jennifer Oates.


Getting Started

What's in the Research Guide

Libraries and Music Centres - Cooperative and Library catalogues, and Music Centres

Archives - Cooperative  catalogues to British and Irish archive holdings, individual archive  catalogues , and Digital Archive Collections

Composers - Composer Societies and Trusts, Online Thematic Catalogues, and composer-specific open- access Digital Projects 

Conferences & Networking - Links to conferences, professional organizations, email lists, etc. devoted to British and Irish music

Digital Humanities Projects - Indexes to digital musicological projects, open-access resources, and non-composer specific open-access Digital Projects

Newspapers & Periodicals - Digital Newspaper Archives and Collections

Theses & Dissertations - Resources for locating theses and dissertations