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Book Searching

Tutorial for Book Searching

Other Formats

The CUNY Catalog includes many items besides books. You can find DVDs, paintings, maps and even iPods in the library catalog.

You can find them with a normal search, but if you already know that you want a specific type of material, it is best to use the Guided Search.

For instance, suppose that you were interested in film adaptations of Hamlet, but did not want to look through all the Hamlet books we have in order to find them.

Guided Searching

You can access the Guided Search screen by clicking Guided Search in the bar above the search boxes.

In Guided Search, you can choose to search only for a particular format type. In order to find only films, whether they are on film, DVD or even videocassettes, use the drop down menu under Format Type and select Visual Materials. This may also find pictures, but it will successfully eliminate books.


In your results, a Format column will tell you whether the versions of Hamlet you have found are DVDs, VHS tapes (videocassettes) or something else.



Other options

There are several other interesting things you can do with the Guided Search, so feel free to experiment with the different options. It is especially useful for combining different types of searches, if, for instance, you wish to search for something by author and title at the same time.