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Book Searching

Tutorial for Book Searching

What if QC doesn't have your book

Sadly, the Queens College Libraries will not always have the book that you want. However, it's possible that the book is held at another CUNY library. If it is, we can deliver it to you in about a week, through a service called CLICS.

You can use the basic CUNY Catalog search screen to search for books in other CUNY libraries besides Queens College. Use the Select library drop-down menu to choose All CUNY Libraries and type in your search as usual.

Books in CUNY

In this case we are doing a Title search for the book What Would Google Do? and we want to search across all CUNY libraries.

When you have found the book, the column on the right tells you where it is held. Note that there is not enough room to list all the colleges that have it. Since the word “Queens” is late in the alphabet, we don't yet know whether the book is here at Queens College. To get more information, we need to click on the title of the book. This will take you to the Item Record.  


At the bottom of the record, you will find a list of CUNY colleges where the book is held. You can now confirm that Queens College does not have it. To get it, you will need to order it through CLICS. To do so, click on one of the college names. In this case, I will click on Borough of Manhattan CC.


You can see that the book is listed in the Stacks. This means that students, including you, are able to check it out. You cannot order Reference or Reserve books through CLICS.To order the book through CLICS, click on Request a Copy. This will bring you to a login screen:


To log in, you need the barcode on the back of your Queens College ID card. Your password is also your barcode, until you change it to something else.

Once you log in, you can have the book sent to the Queens College library, or to any other library in the CUNY system.



Limitations of CLICS

CLICS is a very useful service, but you can only use it to order circulating books held in CUNY libraries.

You CANNOT use CUNY Books for the following:

  • Noncirculating books (that is, reserve or reference books)
  • Non-book materials such as DVDs
  • Journal articles or volumes of journals
  • Books not held in CUNY

For those materials, you must use Interlibrary Loan, a service which allows the Library to borrow from libraries outside the CUNY system.

The Interlibrary Loan page can provide you with more information about using ILL.