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Book Searching

Tutorial for Book Searching

Introduction to Book Searching

Why Books?

Books are an essential resource for research, because they are:

  • Easy to browse
  • More likely to provide introductory materials
  • Broken down into chapters on specific topics

Remember, you don't have to read the whole book!

Where to Find Books

Queens OneSearch lets you search in one place for books, articles, DVDs, CDs, and more.

Queens OneSearch combines in one searchable place these three things: the CUNY library catalog; a massive index of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers; and unique digital content from the library.

OneSearch is a great tool for searching multiple library resources from one interface.

Use OneSearch if you:

  • are looking for a specific title, whether an article or a book,
  • want a combination of books, articles, ebooks, etc. on a topic,
  • or are just starting your research.

Don't know what you want or where to start? Then ask a librarian for advice and help.