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Music: CUNY Books & Scores

Guide for finding resources relating to music.

CUNY Books & Scores: Basic Search

  • In the CUNY Catalogtype your search terms into the search window. (Special characters, such as a,-"" are not allowed.) For example, to find Charles Rosen's book The Romantic Generation, type in "Rosen romantic generation."
  • select Queens College or All CUNY Libraries

  • Hit "Search"
  • Scroll through the results, which are listed from most recent to oldest.
  • Click on the item you want. You can click on the title of the item or the name of the location (e.g., "Queens Music," "Graduate Center," etc.). 


  • You will need both the call number and location to find the item. 
  • "On shelf" means that the item not checked out and should be on the shelf. If the item is checked out, a due date will appeared in the "Due Date" column.

Requesting Non-Queens College CUNY Books

  • If you are searching all CUNY schools and find a book you need, click on "Request" and follow the directions to have the book delivered to the Queens College main library. (This will not work for scores or recordings.)

CUNY Books & Scores: Advanced Search

To restrict your search to books, scores, or recordings, select "Advanced Search" in the CUNY Catalog.

  • Type in your search terms (e.g., Brahms symphon*) and select your desired format
    • Hint: to capture different spellings of a term (e.g., symphony, symphonies, symphonia, etc.) use an asterisk (*) after the last shared letter in the term (e.g., symphon*)
  • Click "Search"
  • Then click on the number after "View Results"

Scroll through the results and select the item you need. Click on "Queens Music" for the call number and location.