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Call Numbers & Locations

Guide for finding resources relating to music.

Call Numbers & Location

Finding Books, Scores, and Recordings in the Music Library

Once you have found what you need, go to the appropriate section of the Music Library.

Main Floor (2nd floor) Map


Lower Level (1st floor) Map

Stacks: all circulating books and scores
M and Miniature - scores
ML - music literature books
MT - music technique and theory books
David Walker Collection (facing the elevator) - music education collection

Ask for the following at Circulation Desk

  • Circ CD, CD, Schwarz CD, DVD, Vid, LP, iPod
  • Reserves
  • Storage 

Look for the call number within the appropriate section.

  • Call numbers are shelved in alphabetical and numerical order.
M 22 B11 I7
M 23 S15 A4
M 452 C78 M9
M 1001 M93 C8
M 1500 B44 N1
M 1503 W12 R3
ML 50 V48 A3
ML 160 G872 2006
ML 410 B42 B84 1995
ML 410 B42 T9
ML 1711 G83 1988
ML 3797.1 M877 1992

Subclasses for Music: M Music scores
ML Literature on Music
MT Musical Instruction and Study

Harper-Scott, J. P. E. Edward Elgar, Modernist.
      Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.
ML literature on music
410 composer's biography
E41 Edward Elgar
H37 J.P.E. Harper-Scott (author of book)
2006 date of publication
Brahms, Johannes. Symphony No. 1. New
     York: M. Baron, [no date].
Miniature location
M score
1001 orchestral work (full score)
B8 Johannes Brahms
S91 Sympony No. 1