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Music: Finding Articles

Guide for finding resources relating to music.

Finding Articles

Finding Articles About Music (in RILM)

  • While the examples below use RILM, the same principles apply in using other databases.
  • Enter keyword search terms or author and/or title terms. For example, use “Crawford Seeger string quartet” to find articles on Ruth Crawford Seeger’s string quartets.


  • After clicking “search,” scroll through the results.
  • Narrow your results using the suggestions using the menu to the left.
  • You may save items to a folder by clicking on the “Add” folder. When you are done adding items, click on “folder has items” to print, save, or email the citations to yourself.


Locate the item at Queens College, in CUNY, or request via Inter-Library Loan!

How to Decipher RILM Entries

RILM entries can be confusing. Here's how to demystify them!

  1. Use the format icons to help see what the item is: book, journal article, etc.
  2. The hyperlink text is always the title of the item (e.g., journal article title, book title, etc.)
  3. By = author of the item (e.g.,  book, journal article, etc.)
  4. Source = where to find the item (this is especially important for journal articles, chapters in books, etc.)
  5. Look for numbers (for journal volume numbers and issues) and publication dates
  6. The rest of the entry is an abstract, which can help you figure out if this source will be of use.